Earned Media Marketing

Question: You’re in the market for a car. Whose opinion do you trust more, the car salesman or someone who bought the car and has been driving it for a year?

You picked the buyer, right?

Same concept applies when *you* tout how awesome your business is versus an unsolicited review, social shout out from a buyer, or (non-purchased) mention in the press.

It carries more clout because it’s honest and authentic.

It can come across as arrogant to drop your own mic (well … unless you’re a marketer), but if someone else does it for you? That’s much more of a humble brag, sharing-of-powerful-truth instead.

There’s a real science behind curating that type of content and strategically promoting it as far and wide as possible.

And we’ve nailed the DNA on that process.
Humbly speaking, that is.

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