Social Media Advertising

EVERYONE is advertising on social media platforms. But only a fraction of them are doing it right (and by “right”, we mean in a way that’s driving tangible results).

We know social ad strategy. And we also know how to leverage the most cost-effective and laser-targeted campaigns to drive leads, increase brand awareness, conversion / transactional volume and overall sales across channels.

All your future customers are online. The average person spends over 2 hours A DAY on social media.

But relying on organic reach alone isn’t going to cut it. In today’s competitive landscape, you need an ad strategist who understands the complexities of account structuring, audience targeting and general content strategy. All of these things work in unison to empower the machine learning algorithms for each of the social ad platforms, and Woodmill’s strategists have the experience and “know-how” to navigate these waters for your business.

Here are a few great reasons to advertise on social media:

Sell more online:

A targeted social media ad campaign can drive serious online business. Woodmill Strategists have managed over $100,000,000 in social advertising budgets over the last 10+ years and have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue through social ads.Grow your follower base:

Generate qualified leads:

Social ads can be a powerful lead-gen tool for B2B brands (including agencies). Everything from LinkedIn ads to Facebook ads can be a great source to drive MQLs into your sales function.

Drive engagement:

In addition to the down-funnel value of social ads (transactions, etc), these ad platforms are also incredibly powerful tools to build email and SMS databases! Middle-of-funnel (MOF) engagement is a key driver for any business.

Scale brand awareness:

For the brand that’s looking for an awareness campaign, social platforms are an excellent component to that strategy. In today’s world, these platforms allow us to optimize for metrics such as “brand recall lift” so that we can ensure high-frequency engagement with ad units. This drives measurable market lift for that support all performance-media tactics that follow.

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